About Karibuni Eco-Cottages

  • An ethical tourist destination
  • A safe, eco-friendly place to stay
  • Get a taste of the REAL AFRICA
  • Bespoke itineraries at affordable prices
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Opportunities for young and old 'gappers'

Karibuni Eco-Cottages are situated in Ndhiwa in Western Kenya. The cottages are a great place to stay whether you are an overseas visitor or Kenyan resident. You can relax in pleasant surroundings, soak up local Luo culture and traditions, get involved in community projects or use the cottages as a base to explore the many surrounding attractions.

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Why Eco-tourism

Eco-tourism is a sustainable, ethical way to travel and experience new things whilst taking care of your planet and reducing your carbon footprint. At Karibuni we think about everything we do and its impact on the community and planet.

Team Kenya and its partners are working hard to empower women and girls in order to improve their lives, realise their rights and their full potential and become equal and respected members of society thus raising the standards of living for everyone in the community.

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Things to do

In and around Ndhiwa & further afield
  • Safari
  • Soap stone in Kisii/Tabaka
  • The Ndhiwa market
  • Homa Bay
  • Home visits
  • Tea and coffee plantations
  • School visits

More things to do

Why Ndhiwa?

Western Kenya is a beautiful region of great geographical, agricultural, cultural and natural diversity, with many tourist activities to be explored.

The people of Ndhiwa belong to the Luo tribe, a warm welcoming community with a strong spirit despite the challenges they face. Many lack things that we take for granted such as electricity, running water, sanitation, labour-saving devices, easy transport, medical care and educational opportunities.

The climate in the area is unpredictable, resulting in an insecure food supply and widespread poverty, malnutrition and poor health. However, things are changing! Karibuni eco-cottages exist to be a catalyst that enables the community in Ndhiwa to have a sustainable future. We focus on empowering women and girls to end the cycle of poverty and bring about lasting change in the community.

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